You run your business! I'll keep your books clean & organized.

If managing your books is the task you dread, let me help! Your books are important and keeping them clean and reconciled will give you insight you didn't even know you needed!

Why now is the best time for a bookkeeper!

Whether you hate doing the books or don't mind the task...

Hiring a bookkeeper will give you the freedom to focus on what you are best at--Your Business! Getting started working with me is an easy smooth process that takes the books off of your plate.

If you're hiding from the task we can start with a clean up and get your books in tip top shape so you can see exactly where your money is coming from and going.

Don't let another month go by Feeling


If you keep pushing off your books you're only making them harder on yourself. Working together can mean more time for you to create your next coaching package, your next online course, or provide you some much needed self care time!


What Does Working With You Look Like?

If we are a good match, we can set up a call and get you setup in a bookkeeping software that will meet your needs best. I can get your books cleaned up or take over clean books. On a monthly basis I will reconcile all of your transactions and send you a balance sheet along with a Profits and Loss statement. If you desire some more insights such as setting up goals and tracking towards them, we can do that too! I will tailor the monthly output to meet your needs!

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